Intl Students and Health Insurance for 2020-2021

   COVID-19 Updates | Posted on August 13, 2020

Dear International Students,

I am writing to confirm an Andrews University policy change regarding international students and the purchasing of health insurance. As stated in the University Bulletin for 2020–2021, all international students, regardless of credit hours, are required to purchase the Andrews University 2020–2021 Student Health Insurance Plan through Aetna. Exceptions to this policy will be considered for Canadian students and those who are sponsored by an employer.

It has come to my attention that some international students, unaware of this policy change, purchased health insurance outside of the Andrews University plan. I am very sorry that communication about this policy change was not more widely broadcast. I can understand the frustration of learning about this new policy after purchasing outside insurance, particularly for returning Andrews students who were able to waive the Andrews plan in previous academic years.

To complete the registration process for the fall 2020 semester, you will need to purchase the Andrews University plan. If you have purchased outside insurance, please inform the insurance company of the Andrews University policy and request a refund. Please explain that this policy is stated in the University Bulletin. If the insurance company denies your request for a refund, please send evidence (i.e., a denial letter or email from your insurance company) along with an explanation in an email to Elynda Bedney, assistant vice president for Student Financial Services, at

Again, I am sorry if you were unaware of this change. I know that the beginning of a semester is a busy and even stressful time, particularly in the current COVID-19 pandemic. I therefore thank you for your willingness to address this matter quickly so that University policy is followed and you can complete the registration process.


Alayne Thorpe
Dean, College of Education & International Services
Dean, School of Graduate Studies

   Alayne Thorpe