"Deep Calling" by Tara VinCross, DMin

   Life Stories | Posted on October 1, 2020

What is discipleship? We know it is part of the Great Commission, but what does it actually look like? Is it about baptisms? Is it about personal spiritual growth? Is it about going to church every week?

Or, what if it is something much deeper and connected than all the individual puzzle pieces we usually point toward?

This interconnected, wholistic approach to discipleship is exactly what Tara VinCross, DMin, senior pastor of Azure Hills Church, explores and establishes in her new book, "Deep Calling: on being and growing disciples." She sets out the biblical foundations of discipleship and specific steps that leaders and churches can take to embrace an effective discipleship model.

"Deep Calling" is a wholistic discipleship movement—discipleship and disciple-making that emphasizes a life-long process, not a destination. It’s about making space for God in the every day, bearing witness to transformation in the ordinary. It’s about knowing truth and experiencing Truth. It’s about learning to listen to the voice of God. It’s about satisfying your longing with the only One who can satisfy your soul. All are invited. All are welcome to answer the deep call of God. 

In addition to this thorough, inspiring book, "Deep Calling" offers a 12-week discipleship curriculum, which will guide you and your small group as you discover and put into practice the Eight Calls of God—calls to Devotion, Prayer, Rest, Community, Healing, Witness, Serve, and Bless. The curriculum includes:

  • Teacher’s Notes to equip you to facilitate two retreats and 10 sessions
  • Hands-on experiences for use during group sessions
  • Visuals and stories to bring the discipleship experience to life

VinCross is an alumnus of Andrews University and will soon be serving there as an adjunct faculty member. She has been implementing and developing this curriculum for the past 10 years in her churches with tremendous results. Now it is available for your church—providing enough framework to give you structure and enough flexibility to be engaging in a spectrum of church styles and experiences. The discipleship groups can be facilitated virtually, in person or using a hybrid model. Additionally, there is a companion journal, which parallels the discipleship group sessions, as well as having daily devotional prompts for each participant.

Deep Calling will support your church leadership team as you work to establish an effective discipleship process. The foundation and framework are provided for you. You are invited to take the next step—to journey with God in trust, to discover more of who you are, and to imagine what is not-yet for your church!

You can get your copy here: https://www.adventsource.org/store/pastors-resources/discipleship/deep-calling-40501.