Ministry Through the Arts and Technology

   Community Announcements | Posted on October 8, 2020

The Creatives: Ministry Through the Arts and Technology
Sunday, Oct. 11, at 2:30 p.m. [Eastern]

Young Adult LIFE is thrilled to host an exceptional conversation to explore creativity in ministry. The panel includes:

  • Kendra Arsenault, podcaster/writer/filmmaker/poet—host/director "Advent Next" podcast
  • Julio C. Muñoz, director, Sonscreen Film Festival—NAD associate director for communication—writer/director, "The Nightmare"
  • Rachel Scribner, writer/filmmaker—producer: "Uncertainty 2020," "Arnion" web series, "The Nightmare"
  • Rajeev Sigamoney, chair and professor of film, Department of Visual Art, Pacific Union College—writer/creator, "The Record Keeper"

"In the beginning, God created … ” Our very first introduction to God is as a creator—our Creator. And as we are made in his image, we too create. The Bible chronicles acts of creativity in poetry, music, dance, sculpting, engravings, storytelling and other art forms. The arts, whether they be writing, painting, singing or movie-making, help us discover our humanity, connect us as a community, and lead us to celebrate/worship with our Creator. At times religious institutions are challenged by the creative arts. However, embracing our God-given talents and involving young creatives in ministry, we can reach a population that does not typically respond to traditional media outreach.

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