Neighbor To Neighbor News

   Community Announcements | Posted on October 29, 2020

Neighbor To Neighbor opening day is right around the corner. Next week begins the long-awaited opening of the new Thrift Store. Nov. 3–5 will be the first three days of "beta testing week." During this first week, only Boosters will be shopping in the new store. This will help work out the kinks that may be encountered moving forward. We have been anticipating this for many years. God has brought us this far, and our hearts are overflowing with gratitude. We recognize His leading through every challenge of this journey and together we can say, "Hitherto has the Lord helped us" (1 Samuel 7:12).

Just in case you may be wondering what will happen on this side next week, both sides will be open—our current Thrift Store will be open on Tuesday and Thursday while the new Thrift Store will be open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Then, starting on Tuesday, Nov. 10, the new Thrift Store will be open to the general public on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Client Services will also be open on the same days.

We plan to have a Dedication/Open House on Sunday, Nov. 22, at 2 p.m. This celebratory event will be held in the parking lot on the other side, weather permitting. Let's pray for sunshine.

Huge "thank yous" to those who have contributed, worked hard and offered unceasing prayers on our behalf. We could not do this without you, and we are extremely grateful for your support of our ministry.

*Please note that at the Dedication/Open House event and in the current/new stores, seating and browsing will follow official physical distancing guidelines; masks will be required (if a mask is needed, a mask will be provided); and hand sanitizer will be provided.

   Lucy Randall