30 Years of Service: Ronald Knott

   Employee Awards | Posted on February 22, 2021

A close colleague of Ronald Knott writes: “Ron Knott and I have traveled together more than 20 years in our professional journey, and I have been regularly blessed by his guidance and support. He sets an example through commitment to Andrews University and to Christian, scholarly publishing, and I take inspiration from his dedication, loyalty and passion for excellence.” Ron Knott has truly given Andrews University 35 years of committed, innovative and energetic service.

Ron’s first nine years at Andrews University was in the area of public relations, where he wrote, traveled on behalf of the University and in that role developed programming and publications that highlighted the Andrews University experience.

Ron is best known however in his role as the director of the Andrews University Press, a role he accepted in 1999. Previous president Niels-Erik Andreasen reflects on how university presses have been through difficult years but while many press directors have given up altogether Ron Knott has had a vision that has kept the Andrews University Press viable and relevant.

Ron’s choice of projects has consistently brought together scholarship, readership and mission. The College Faith series encouraged college student readership. The Andrews Study Bible and now, the companion concise commentary, reach not just the academic community but the global church community. With one eye on quality production and the other on effective marketing. Ron’s tenure has brought critical works of spiritual import to the church, such as the inspirational classics, Steps to Christ and Christ’s Object Lessons into many homes. 

Under his leadership, the Press has seen more than $8m of sales and the Press’s standing expanded to becoming the primary academic publishing house to serve the worldwide Adventist Church. It is fitting that in 2005 Ron Knott oversaw the move of Andrews University Press to Sutherland House, the historic building first erected on the Andrews University campus for the school’s president, Edward A. Sutherland. 

A colleague writes: “Ronald Knott has continued to honor Edward Sutherland’s values by supporting Christian higher education, recognizing the importance of the Seventh-day Adventist message and the writings of Ellen G. White … and employing students to assist in many aspects of book production and promotion.”

Thank you, Ron, for 30 years of committed service.