25 Years of Service: Larry Burton

   Employee Awards | Posted on February 22, 2021

Larry Burton joined the School of Education faculty at Andrews University in 1995, the same year he completed his PhD. Before coming to Andrews, Larry had served as a teacher and administrator in Adventist schools in four states. He has put his knowledge of the needs of students and teachers to good use for the past 25 years, training new generations of teachers, consulting with the North American Division, sharing research and championing best practices in all areas of education. Larry has served as assistant professor, associate professor and full professor; he was chair of the Department of Teaching, Learning & Curriculum from 1998–2002, a program director within the department and assessment coordinator (readily acknowledged by all as Assessment Expert).

Larry has also made many contributions to the broader Adventist community. He serves as the editor for the Journal of Research on Christian Education and executive director of the Andrews International Center for Educational Research (AICER). He has participated in an extraordinary number of national and international conferences, workshops and seminars, sharing his knowledge of effective teaching strategies, assessment techniques and curricular design. In addition to his professional contributions, Larry cares greatly for the wellbeing of his students and colleagues. He is kind, considerate and treats everyone with respect. Larry livens up meetings with his colorful costumes and choice of headwear. He has a great sense of humor that has seen many of us through trying times.

Two of his colleagues shared the following:

“Dr. Burton has blessed the TLC department with his years of wisdom, knowledge and skills. He has touched the lives of so many students and faculty during his years at Andrews University. Over the years, he has been instrumental in the strong accreditation and rankings our department has received.”

“I am so much of who I am as a professor because of Larry Burton. From the early days of spending time discussing integration of faith and learning, to the introduction of “theorizing as an act of faith,” that has been so impactful on my own work… He is a lived example of joy-filled, rigorous Christian scholarship.”

Larry, you may have retired but please know that your influence at Andrews University has not waned one little bit. We have been blessed by 25 years of your dedicated service.