25 Years of Service: Anna Piskozub

   Employee Awards | Posted on February 22, 2021

Anna Piskozub began working at Andrews University in the School of Education (SED) on May 30, 1995, after working for 15 years at the second largest international law firm in Chicago. Her first assignment, working for Jerome Thayer as the executive secretary for graduate programs, gave her broad exposure to graduate education. Under his guidance she quickly learned best practices in recording and supporting graduate programs and student progress toward completion of a degree. Anna also continued her own education, taking more than 90 undergraduate credits at Andrews (some of them in technology and business), earning a MS in nutrition and wellness in 2013.

Working with graduate assistants, Anna developed databases to monitor student progress toward their degrees and communicate with them to keep them on track for graduation. Because of her concern for graduate students and her insistence on establishing systems to support SED administration, faculty and students, Anna was promoted by James Jeffery, then dean, to be the graduate services coordinator. As her knowledge of databases grew, Anna became a key resource person in the SED and the go-to person for report generation, interacting with the Office of Academic Records to ensure that graduate students met all graduation requirements. She was recently promoted to her current position of accreditation, assessment and graduate records officer. Working closely with Janet Ledesma, Anna helped to coordinate the recent and successful CAEP visit and report.

Anna remains the expert on CEIS graduate policies and procedures, the person best able to produce reports, consult with on comprehensives and processes for thesis and dissertation review, and assist faculty as they advise graduate students. In addition, Anna makes use of her degree in nutrition and wellness. Not only does she teach an exercise class, but she is also a cheerleader for healthy habits—promoting exercise and a healthful diet. She has become an inspiration to all of us in CEIS.

Most importantly, Anna is a committed Seventh-day Adventist Christian. She prays with and for students and faculty. Her greatest desire is for the University to make God central to all operations and model Christlikeness to students and colleagues. She is an invaluable member of our administrative committee and all the deans she has served under, including the current dean, recognize that we would not be able to serve students so well without her intelligence, support and dedication to Christian education.

Thank you, Anna, for 25 years of excellent service!