25 Years of Service: John Reeve

   Employee Awards | Posted on February 22, 2021

For the past 25 years John Reeve has been a passionate, hardworking and highly valued member of the Department of Church History in the Seminary. He is a beloved teacher, going the extra mile for his students, as demonstrated in their evaluations.

No one has done more to advance the interest of the department in the last 10 years than John and he has an excellent working relationship with his colleagues. He is deeply admired for his passion, energy, and indefatigable work habit.  John is the epitome of a Christian scholar, teacher and mentor.

His colleague Denis Kaiser shared: “My wife Angelika and I both got to know John Reeve as a very caring teacher who, when we were still students, took an interest in our academic, professional and personal development, something we were not really used to up to that point. We appreciate him as a passionate teacher and a role model when it comes to personal drive, vision, leadership (previously of the Department of Church History and now of the PhD/ThD program), and simple joy in learning and living. What struck us personally the most was how much of a nurturing mentor he is, how perceptive he is of talented, motivated students, how genuinely interested he is in people’s wellbeing, and how he takes them in—comparable to a father figure—and gives them opportunities, feedback and connections for professional, personal and spiritual development. We are forever grateful to him, on behalf of many students, including us.” 

“John Reeve was my professor, and he is now my colleague. John has been an inspiration for me as a human being, a Christian and a scholar. He is always in a good Christian spirit with a smile on his face. His passion for teaching, exploring new ideas, and encouraging his students and colleagues is an example for all those who have the privilege to know and work with him. I wish him all the best in his life and profession,” says another colleague Abner Hernandez.

Thank you, John, for 25 years of excellent service at Andrews University.