25 Years of Service: David Sherwin

   Employee Awards | Posted on February 22, 2021

The visual medium and process of photography is part of Dave Sherwin’s DNA. In this day and age, few professionals maintain such intense, long-term focus on becoming a craftsman of the highest quality. Dave Sherwin is that type of craftsman. Likewise, he is a craftsman of the classroom. Dave not only knows the craft of photography; he knows how to teach it to anyone who is hungry to learn. A stroll down the corridors of Harrigan Hall illuminates the effectiveness of his mentoring. Many times, I have walked past a huge and striking image hanging on the wall, and thought to myself, ‘did a student actually do that work?’ Impressive.”

Bev Matiko, a long-time colleague, says, "Dave's students speak so highly of him. They particularly appreciate his professionalism, his willingness to travel with them—when that was still possible—the networking he facilitates, and his affirmation of their creative work and career aspirations. As a colleague, I have appreciated Dave's unwavering student-focus, even when the challenges continue to be legion."

“Dave is dedicated to his students and will go above and beyond for them EVERY SINGLE TIME,” states Diane Myers, assistant professor of graphic design. "He spends countless hours helping them in and outside the studios to figure out lighting or camera issues, will go on photo shoots with them, and do ANYTHING to help them produce their best work. If you’re lucky enough to catch him in his office, you’ll notice the line-up of students outside his door waiting for his expertise, while he patiently works with them one-by-one. Students know they can count on Dave, and he never disappoints! I’ve never heard of any other professor offer a student their personal vehicle to get the shot, but Dave has!”

"Dave has not only been a wonderful professor to me personally when I was in undergrad, teaching me everything I needed to know to be successful, but he has become a fantastic colleague to work with and mostly a wonderful friend," says Jenny Shrestha. "Dave is a workacholic, and he ALWAYS puts his students first no matter what and it shows. No matter how tired or exhausted he is, he always is willing to put you first in any situation and seems to have a positive attitude that keeps my spirits lifted. He sets an example to his colleagues of how to treat others with respect and shows us all what dedication and good work ethic looks like. It has been such a pleasure to work with him."

Thank you, Dave, for your unwavering devotion to teaching the art of photography to hundreds of students at Andrews University for the past 25 years.