25 Years of Service: Timothy Trine

   Employee Awards | Posted on February 22, 2021

It is my honor to recognize Tim Trine for his 25 years of service. I have gotten to know him better over the past couple of years as we’ve worked on more projects together. His dedicated work for the University has not gone unnoticed.

Tim is responsible for making sure we all have the needed work tools to do our jobs, tools like copiers, printers and computers. His wisdom is seen through his allocation of University resources to the various departments and individuals across campus.

He has been in many roles on campus but those I am most familiar with are managing the on-campus computer store, developing and implementing a fair plan for distribution of computers and then again for copiers. His devotion to making sure those he serves are well cared for is second to none and a wonderful example for us all to follow.

A colleague of Tim’s shared the following: “Tim’s tenure is a time to celebrate this significant anniversary and his accomplishments here at Andrews. Reaching this milestone is a very special achievement and a testimony to his dedication to serving God, the University and his community. He is a valued member of our team. Tim’s attention to detail and willingness to serve makes it possible for his individual efforts to elevate the team goals as well as Andrews mission to provide a positive Spirit-led experience for students. He is one of our greatest and most valuable assets, not only to Andrews but also to the Information Technology Services team.”

Thank you so much for all you do for Andrews. Congratulations, Tim, on this great milestone! May God bless you as you continue your career.