25 Years of Service: Lilijana Vajdic

   Employee Awards | Posted on February 22, 2021

Lilijana Vajdic—our beloved Teacher Lily. Wife of Milan, mother of Andrea and Rebecca, grandmother of Angelica and Liliana, and queen of the pre-kindergarten classroom at the Crayon Box. To me, she has become family.

Teacher Lily welcomed me when I came as administrative assistant in 2012. She became my prayer warrior when I interviewed for and became the director in 2016. She is my go-to voice of reason when I need to talk things out. There isn’t a week that goes by that she doesn’t pray with me, offer me her proven advice or take the time to talk out one of my crazy dreams of what could be at The Crayon Box.

Lily works long days with the Pre-K children as they work on writing their names, learning how to be a good citizen, working on their letters, numbers and their favorite weekly Show and Tell with extra stickers for bringing an item that starts with the letter of the week. Above all, the children learn that God loves them and so does Teacher Lily. A wonderful foundation for life.

The Prentice family shared their appreciation with the following words: “Teacher Lily, for at least 10 years, you’ve held a special place in all our hearts and will remain there forever. Thank you for taking care of our babies as if they were yours. Thank you for all the thoughtful acts of kindness and the love and care you have given to our little ones over the years. Although we have no more little ones to send your way, I know the Crayon Box would be blessed to have you for another 25 years!”

Former director Angelina Cameron-Wood writes, “When I think of the 12 years that we worked together, I remember Lily’s loyalty, encouraging support, outgoing personality, and friendship. Looking back, I remember the challenging times we experienced in developing a safe and high-quality educational place for the children under our care. We always faced them together in prayer. I am grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her as partners in God’s ministry at the Crayon Box.”

Lily, congratulations on your 25 years of service! We are the blessed ones because we have you! I speak for all of the staff when I say that you are irreplaceable to us and to The Crayon Box.