30 Years of Service: John Markovic

   Employee Awards | Posted on February 22, 2021

John Markovic’s 30 years at Andrews University places him as one of the treasured members of the Department of History & Political Science. During his time here, he has served as department chair in addition to his teaching, service and research commitments. As chair, he began a tradition of bi-monthly colloquiums to bring the students of the department together for instruction, entertainment and fellowship. And as the department opened to students across campus, John’s vision of sharing knowledge and providing fellowship grew to participation in Student Life’s short courses and University-wide “Tuesday Choice” options.

When the department moved from Nethery Hall to Buller Hall, John and his wife, Vesna, donated countless hours in planning the furnishings and décor—creating a welcoming space for students to visit, study and relax. Now as the department space transitions to one of community—with the inclusion of International Languages & Global Studies—John’s vision of a space for faculty and students to gather has created a global community within Buller Hall.

John cares about students and their current and future success as historians, political scientists and citizens of the world. He encourages students to read primary sources and to analyze history through the lens of a historian and as the college experience is redefined, John’s knowledge and experience are essential and invaluable in providing students with a 21st-century education. John’s continuity and strength in department allows for these transitions to occur.

Former colleague Brian Strayer shared the following: "It has been my privilege to know John since we recruited him in 1990 for the Department of History & Political Science. He has been a faithful 'work horse' teaching large sections of Civ., both regular and Honors sections, every year and sometimes every semester. In addition, he has always taught the History of the Christian Church course largely to theology majors. During his time on the faculty, John has also offered innovative history courses. One, History of the Holocaust, became so popular years ago that it has become a regular staple in the department. I have appreciated his dry wit, especially when manifested in department meetings when discussions over budgets, courses or student issues became tense. His ability to see the larger picture has also helped to keep the rest of us on track. John now occupies my former office in the department, and I’m sure he does so with distinction."

John’s career would not be complete without a mention of his research. While he has been known for research and scholarship for much of his career, his current research places him on the cutting edge of new directions in the intersection of faith and history. His colleagues appreciate John for his humor, frankness, Christian values and cooperative approach to teamwork and department programs.

Congrats and well done! Thank you, John, for 30 years of stellar service at Andrews University!