30 Years of Service: Socorro Terrero

   Employee Awards | Posted on February 22, 2021

The Lamson community has been graced with Socorro’s presence for the last 30 years as one of our dedicated housekeepers. She has a heart of gold and chooses to use her talents to benefit the residents. Her hard work and dedication to Lamson Hall is something that cannot be measured.

She is friendly and daily greets the residents and staff with an upbeat and positive attitude. She is very disciplined, always on time, doing her job with happiness and respect. She is very loyal and proud of doing her best. Socorro is known for her attention to detail and desire to make her spaces look their very best. As you walk into Lamson Hall, you can see her hard work in the way that the front lobby looks—clean, organized and smelling good!

Among her many responsibilities, whether it is cleaning restrooms, making sure the lobby is presentable, making sure guest rooms are perfect, taking the lead when others are sick or can’t be there, decorating for Christmas, etc., she gives 100 percent. We can count on her at all times.

She is always willing to share her laughs and wisdom with the ladies in the residence hall and is well loved by both residents and staff members. As you walk by her bulletin board, you can see the many beautiful notes and letters students have left for her over the years. It is a tribute to how much she is loved and appreciated.

To our “Soco” as we call her, you are a gift from God, and we value you and your many talents! Blessings to you and your family and thank you for 30 years of devoted service.