35 Years of Service: Glenn Russell

   Employee Awards | Posted on February 22, 2021

From his time as a religion teacher at Andrews Academy to his current tenure as chair of the Department of Religion & Biblical Languages, Glenn Russell’s “passion for mission, deep love for Jesus, dedication to students and fun sense of humor” have made him a respected colleague, mentor and friend. His colleague Rahel Wells reflects on Glenn’s significant contributions to the Andrews campus and community:

Glenn Russell is one of the best teachers I have ever had, as well as one of the best colleagues. 

He was my Bible teacher at Andrews Academy, as well as my senior class sponsor. I learned so much from his classes, and he also inspired me to live a better life for Jesus. Glenn modeled love and care for people, as well as having fun with all his students.  

When I joined the religion department as a faculty member in 2011, Glenn became my colleague, and only continued to inspire me. His passion for mission, deep love for Jesus, dedication to students, and fun sense of humor are contagious. As I watched him lead many mission trips, speak for worships, and spend lots of time with students outside of class, I learned more about best practices in service, teaching, mentoring and advising.

In the last four years, Glenn has been the department chair, and his leadership has supported and served all of us, as well as ministered to the Andrews community and beyond. I am so grateful for Glenn’s 35 years of service to Andrews University, and I hope to work with and be blessed by him for many years to come!  

Glenn, thank you for your faith-filled years of service to Andrews Academy, Andrews University and the College of Arts & Sciences. Our community has been richly blessed by your talents.