45 Years of Service: Jeannie Wolfer

   Employee Awards | Posted on February 22, 2021

I have valued my time working with Jeannie Wolfer. She has so much knowledge and wisdom as an advisor and certification officer. Jeannie works hard to keep her knowledge current with the state and North American Division and has developed positive relationships with registrars and state officials. To date, she has carried about 150 advisees, along with our NAD Partnerships and certification officer duties for approvals in over five programs at Andrews University.

Jeannie has helped many students graduate from the Teacher Education program throughout the years. Her advisees speak very highly of her and highlight her help in guiding them through the program. She has been a pillar in the department and also mentored many new faculty members in the Department of Teaching, Learning & Curriculum. I am blessed to be working with Jeannie and was fortunate to have her help me when I became a new chairperson several years ago.

Colleage Lori Imasiku shares, “Jeannie Wolfer is an exemplary advisor who works tirelessly for students in the Teaching, Learning & Curriculum program. She is always available to students to get them registered, make sure they have the proper documentation for program admission, and help them apply for certification. She knows each of her students on a personal level and is able to promptly answer questions about student cases.

Though Jeannie carries the title of registrar, she is so much more that to TLC students. She follows up regularly with those who are struggling, making sure they stay focused on their goals and that professors are working together with the student to achieve success.

Jeannie is also an excellent colleague and vital part of the department. She goes above and beyond to work on accreditations, program planning and so such more. She also works closely with inter-institutional administrators to establish and maintain partnerships outside the University, ensuring proper programming to meet the unique needs of each partner. It is an honor to work with Jeannie.”

Thank you, Jeannie, for 45 years of dedicated service to Andrews University!