Augsburger Teaching Excellence: Vanessa Corredera

   Employee Awards | Posted on February 22, 2021

Passionate, knowledgeable, creative, kind and inclusive. Vanessa Corredera’s colleagues and students know her as an exceptional teacher who embodies these characteristics. For Vanessa, in her own words, teaching is a “calling,” so it is no surprise that her commitment to be “fully present” for her students every day makes her an enthusiastic and exciting teacher as she shares her joy in language, literature and ideas. She expects of herself exactly what she expects of her students: engagement and excellence.

One student testifies, “I took a class from, worked for, or did research with Dr. Corredera every semester of my time at Andrews. Her care, commitment, sincerity and thoughtfulness have been more impactful than I can express. She is an excellent professor, and I would not be the scholar I am today without her mentorship and example.”

Vanessa's commitment to teaching extends well beyond the classroom. As an active and well-recognized scholar, she mentors students and former students—now graduate students, as well as collaborating with colleagues at Andrews and other institutions. She generously critiques manuscripts, includes student and fellow researchers on conference panels, and co-authors papers with them. Her interest in teaching excellence also sparks conversations with faculty colleagues, presentations on education, and collaboration on pedagogical research.

Along with her husband Gabe and son Levi, Vanessa further nurtures her students by opening her home and family life to them, graciously acknowledging her gift of teaching by following Paul’s admonition, “… whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

Thank you, Vanessa, for sharing your many talents with Andrews University and the College of Arts & Sciences. Congratulations for receiving this well-deserved award for excellence in teaching.