Faith Engagement: Everett Wiles

   Employee Awards | Posted on February 22, 2021

There is praise upon praise for all the exceptional ways Andrews University employees sought to cultivate a spiritual community for our students in this pandemic year. Thank you! We do also want to continue our tradition of recognizing an employee for their unique contribution to faith engagement. During this year Everett Wiles grew his reach to students by sharing the resources of his office, mentoring students for media ministry, and being the heart that is the gospel through his volunteer service to our worship communities.

Danielle Pilgrim, associate chaplain, says, “Working with Everett was a dream. Often when working with new people on new projects there are concerns about how things will go. Everett made everything simple and even fun. To be thrown into a new online worship experience production, at the beginning of a global pandemic, and to make such an impact as Everett did, takes a lot of effort and skill. We are immensely blessed to have Everett at Andrews University!”

Several colleagues from New Life Fellowship also attest to his positive influence. Kyle Smith comments, “Mr. Wiles is a man who brings cheer combined with hard work to the New Life community. His life is an inspiration to all international students by leaving a legacy of quality wherever he goes.”

“For me, Everett is somewhat of a father figure in mass communication. Hearing his name on the radio, I really appreciated the time he put in ensuring that the production at NCU Media Group was top quality. Joining the New Life team and seeing that he was the lead for the media team, just allowed me to be even more comfortable,” states Ronesto Pineda.

Xavier Thomas reflects, “I have worked with Everett for the past year, and I can testify that he is the epitome of diligence, dedication and delight. For the past year, Everett has volunteered at New Life Fellowship by providing equipment and expertise to our media ministry. To our team members he has been a father figure, a big brother and mentor. We believe that Everett is more than deserving of this award.”

Thank you for engaging your faith on the Andrews University campus, Everett. May God continue to bless your ministry.