J.N. Andrews Service: Daniel Hamstra

   Employee Awards | Posted on February 22, 2021

Dan Hamstra is an integral part of the campus community with his expertise in all forms of communication. He humbly and quietly shows up and does great work, project after project, for departments across campus, many times in innovative ways. Each time we work with him we see his thoughtfulness and wisdom as he tackles any problems that arise.

With the rapid transition to remote learning last spring, Dan’s expertise, adaptiveness and service orientation were invaluable to the University. He has gone above and beyond this year to help faculty and staff keep their tech working, setting up Zoom and conference meetings and even making himself available to facilitate those e-meetings.

As part of the construction team that built the Andreasen Center for Wellness he demonstrated his skillset in planning for the needs of the Center, leading the team that installed the communication equipment, and working extra hard and long hours with them to stay within the timeline for the completion of the Center. We are very thankful for his dedication and hard work on this project!

Here are some kind words from two individuals who have worked with Dan:

“When school began in August, I was unsure how long certain programs would last for a plethora of reasons. COVID was the biggest reason, but also how others would respond and the level of risk people were willing to take to ensure our campus continued on. Dan Hamstra is one of those people who helped our campus continue on.”

And another: “Dan Hamstra constantly exceeds expectations through his creativity and willingness to learn. He never shies away from doing what is right even during times of uncertainty. The value he brings to Andrews and the ITS team has helped the University achieve new levels of productivity and ingenuity during the pandemic. His ability to stay on task while remaining agile is a testament of his character, his faith, and his generosity. He has always been a technical audiovisual guru and his passion for work is clear in everything he does and everyone he interacts with. Some may think that 'Go Beyond' is just a phrase, but he really lives it.”

Congratulations, Dan, on being the inaugural winner of the J.N. Andrews Service Award!