Excellence in Service: Janine Lim

   Employee Awards | Posted on February 22, 2021

Some people flounder during difficult times and other people shine. Janine Lim is one of those people who shines, illuminating not only her own path but the paths of others. The first question she asks when she attends a meeting, consults with faculty, or hears about a troubling situation is, “What can I do to help?”

As a leader in distance education, Janine’s skills have been put to the test as Andrews University went “remote” in the middle of spring semester 2020. She has been tireless in her dedication to faculty and student support, ensuring that faculty have been able to continue offering courses to students no matter what the situation. Listen to these words of appreciation from colleagues:

“Janine has been unfailingly patient, kind, as cheerful as possible and always willing to go the extra mile and find the answer if she doesn’t know it right away…. In all of her dealings with her colleagues across campus, I have found Janine to reflect a compassionate, Christlike character.”

“Janine takes a personal interest in everyone in her orbit—sending birthday cards, organizing meals for someone suffering from a loss, working late hours to ensure that students can continue to study, and faculty can teach effectively. She is the embodiment of a servant leader.”

“Janine has been invaluable to our academic offices, consistently going above and beyond, demonstrating true professionalism and expertise… She has been essential in transitioning Andrews to remote teaching, improving the quality of instruction, all while beautifully reflecting the love of God in her distinguished character.”

Many more have noted that Janine represents the best of servant leadership at Andrews University—a skilled professional who is willing to share her expertise with humility and who models the character of Christ as she deals with worried faculty, staff and students, mixing kindness with loving care. Congratulations, Janine, and we thank you.