Excellence in Service: A'Lisa Sorensen

   Employee Awards | Posted on February 22, 2021

On A’Lisa Sorensen’s resident advisor application as an undergraduate student, she noted that her future career goal was to be a residence hall dean. We were quick to hire her and she blew us out of the water with her competence and commitment as a student employee.

When an opening occurred a few years after she graduated, we were blessed that A’Lisa accepted the invitation to join the Lamson Hall full-time staff as an assistant dean in the summer of 2012. Since that time, she has completed two master’s degrees while working full-time (and is now a proud three-time alum of Andrews University), completed the requirements to become an associate dean, and accepted the responsibilities of lead dean in 2018.

A’Lisa has the ability to juggle the many details required to manage a facility that houses approximately 500 people, while still being able to take the time to give residents and colleagues her personal care and concern. Whether it be at 3 in the morning, or 3 in the afternoon, A’Lisa will run toward any issue needing attention, doing everything she can to reach resolution.

A’Lisa has the amazing ability to balance tough conversations with love and care, as she mentors and counsels the residents under her care. Her colleagues are quick to sing her praises, commenting on her selfless giving and tireless commitment to Lamson Hall and Andrews. If given an assignment, you can rest assured that it will get done quickly, without her other responsibilities falling short. 

A’Lisa is a forward-thinking leader, looking for ways to predict and plan potential scenarios to ensure that her department is equipped to thrive and shine, no matter what happens. When COVID hit, A’Lisa remained steady, reliable and positive, digging into the new hurdles and figuring out ways to accomplish almost everything about her responsibilities in a very new way. A’Lisa holds herself and others accountable to high expectations, with an approachability and sense of humor that inspires others to see insurmountable things as possibilities.

Andrews University has a jewel in A’Lisa Sorensen. Thank you, A’Lisa, for giving of yourself at all hours of the day and night to care for this place and its students. We are blessed by your leadership. Congratulations for receiving this prestigious award for excellence in service.