Key COVID-19 Vaccine Updates, Travel Guideline

   Campus Announcements | Posted on April 7, 2021
April 7, 2021

PLEASE NOTE: Vaccinations are now open in Michigan to everyone who is 16 years old and older. Here in Berrien County, Spectrum Health Lakeland is offering COVID-19 vaccinations for those 18 years and older; you can find more information here. The Berrien County Health Department offers COVID-19 vaccinations for those 16 years and older; you can find more information here

Also, if you're planning to leave the Berrien Springs area at the end of this spring semester, it's important to schedule your first vaccination by April 9, or as soon as possible, so you can receive your second COVID-19 vaccine dose before you leave the area. Incidentally, the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccination offers a single dose option; however, the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccination option may not be available at different COVID-19 vaccination sites in Berrien County.


April 2, 2021


It's amazing to realize we have just begun the last month of this spring semester as we have gathered together in community to study, worship, play and work as we also seek to effectively respond to the realities and risks of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

I wanted to remind you of some key details about how we all travel off-campus during this spring semester.

As you may have reviewed earlier in our COVID-19 Safety Plan, just as we began the school year, we are asking all students and employees to continue to limit your travel this spring semester to essential travel only.

Please remember that means if you're an on-campus student this spring semester and you have traveled off-campus or attended an off-campus event outside of the Michiana area where you've been unable to physically distance from others (e.g., less than six feet for 15 minutes or more), either due to transportation (plane or other public transportation) or being at an off-campus group/event, we need you to take precautions.

These precautions include notifying your teachers and your Student Life dean. Also, you need to arrange for a COVID-19 test at your own expense no sooner than four days after you return to campus.

As you await your test results, you should avoid campus-wide events, plan to get your meals by take-out only from Dining Services, and work with your teachers and work supervisor to review appropriate arrangements for learning or work during that period.

If your travel or group gatherings off-campus could put your classmates or employees at risk, you should study and work remotely when you return and while you wait to receive your test result. I urge you to take particular care to follow all mitigation measures.

Again, you can review our complete COVID-19 travel and mitigation guidelines, including specific information for students, at this link.

Additionally, I'd also like to confirm that Andrews University continues to plan not to do any University-related international travel through the completion of the 2021 summer semester.

Also, for those who choose to receive a COVID-19 vaccination before this school year ends, I want to remind you there is a growing array of options for vaccinations here in Berrien County.

As we've shared with our campus earlier, we are actively working with Rite Aid to conduct an on-campus vaccination clinic as early as possible this month. We will widely announce the specific details as soon as they are available.

Additionally, you can also continue to find out more about Berrien County Health Department vaccination plans here, including options you can pursue to be vaccinated at local pharmacies. Also, Spectrum Health Lakeland has opened COVID-19 vaccinations to those 18 years of age and older who are interested in receiving a vaccination. You can find out more information from Lakeland and sign up here.

Finally, please let us know if you have any questions about travel guidelines and vaccination options at

My prayers and very best hopes are with each one of you as we reach the end of spring semester and look forward with increasing hope to summer and the months ahead.

With care,

Frances Faehner
Vice President for Campus & Student Life