Preparing for New Year: Mask Up, Report & Protect

   COVID-19 Updates | Posted on August 27, 2021

Aug. 27, 2021

Dear campus community,

As our campus begins to fill up and we enjoy the energy that comes with the start of a school year on our Berrien Springs campus, we wanted to take a quick moment to remind each other of three essential and non-negotiable commitments to keep our campus as safe as we can, especially as we significantly increase our opportunities for engagement and community:

  1. MASK UP in all indoor public places and in all vehicles when traveling with others, irrespective of vaccination status. At this point, this requirement is currently in place until Sept. 30, 2021.
  2. Download #CampusClear and use it to REPORT any contacts with positive COVID-19 cases or a positive COVID-19 test and potential COVID-19 symptoms. While #CampusClear no longer needs to be used daily, it should always be used in the situations described here.
  3. Take steps to PROTECT yourself and others by having done at least one of the following: receiving a COVID-19 vaccination, attaining a level of protection through a prior COVID-19 positive test and isolation, or completing a negative COVID-19 test before your first class or in-person work and activities for the semester. Students are required to record one of those three options here before in-person classes and activities begin. If you need to find out more about local vaccination and testing options, please see here.

We also encourage you to enhance your wellness by taking these day-to-day actions.

Our COVID-19 website, with its regular updates, will be the best place to find out more about our University’s COVID-19 protocols, including ongoing testing expectations for those not vaccinated and all those who are symptomatic.

As we get ready for the excitement and World Changing journey of a new school year, we want to add these three essential reminders as part of your own back-to-school preparation: Mask Up, Report and Protect.


Andrea Luxton

Christon Arthur