Augsburger Excellence in Teaching: Liz Muhlenbeck

   Employee Awards 2022 | Posted on March 4, 2022

View the recorded presentation here.

Liz Muhlenbeck. A teacher. A strategist. A colleague.

As a teacher, Liz is very disciplined and organized, and brings creative teaching methods to engage her students in the classroom. Those of us who have co-taught Foundations of Play with her, have experienced things like ping-pong challenges, the six thinking hats, or writing on walls or tablecloths or even on our knees outside in nature. Creativity is not something she does to entertain; it is a methodology she believes in to engage her students in deep learning.

Her offer to students to go above and beyond is heartfelt, and students often report how she helped them choose a major, plan for an internship, revise their resume, or practice for an interview.

In the School of Business Administration, we have grown together as a team, as Liz led us in evaluating our values, writing a new philosophy statement, and working together on strategic planning and many other projects. She is always being consulted for ideas.

In the comments that drift across campus, we see the value she brings to her colleagues when they refer to her wisdom and insights on committees, the input she gave in planning and change activities, and the depth of knowledge Liz shares with them in management and leadership.

Congratulations, Liz, on receiving this prestigious award!