Augsburger Excellence in Teaching: Anthony Bosman

   Employee Awards 2022 | Posted on March 4, 2022

View the recorded presentation here.

During his time at Andrews, Anthony Bosman has made significant contributions to the Department of Mathematics and to campus life. Most noticeably, his enthusiasm, willingness to try new ideas, and energy enable him to connect with students, challenge them to think more clearly and have the courage to tackle hard problems. From coaching teams in the notoriously hard Putnam Math Competition to building a lightboard for raising the quality of online lectures in the pandemic; from leading out in planning social events to bringing in excellent and diverse speakers for colloquium—Anthony inspires all of us to stretch and grow in response to challenges. 

His colleagues in the department appreciate working with him. Joon Kang notes, “I really appreciate Anthony’s passion for teaching, research, and many other aspects of our department. It’s my great pleasure to have him as my colleague.”

Shandelle Henson echoes these sentiments, adding that Anthony’s “experience as a graduate of Stanford and Rice enables him to mentor students in powerful, motivating ways, both in the classroom and in research.”

And Yun Myung Oh appreciates the way that he “always wants to share new things with everyone around him.”

Thank you, Anthony, for your irrepressible desire to make the department and Andrews University a more productive, student-friendly, academically challenging place to learn and grow. Congratulations on receiving this well-deserved award!