40 Years of Service: Ruth Gardner

   Employee Awards 2022 | Posted on March 4, 2022

Today we celebrate Ruth Gardner, who has 40 years of service at Andrews University and just recently retired from being the manager at the Post Office on campus. She and her department were diligent in making sure the mail got to its intended recipients. Even during the COVID shutdown they delivered on-campus mail to specific spots around campus or allowed it to be picked up in the post office. They were one of the frontline teams making sure that Andrews University kept running as smoothly as could be expected during that time.

I got to know Ruth before I even met her. How, you ask, can that be? Let me explain. When I originally arrived in the Berrien Springs area, I worked in the old Lake Union building. There was a wonderful gentleman there who was the maintenance man, named Ken Smith. He was always pleasant and cheerful when he saw me in the halls or if he needed to repair something in my office. He was an active member in the morning worship time that took place each morning, he said it was the only way to start the day. While I was working there my children arrived in this world and when Ken’s wife Charlotte found out she quickly knitted each of them a hat and jacket as her way of introducing them to Michigan and to her.

The time when I actually met Ruth for the first time was at Ken and Charlotte’s 60th wedding anniversary party. I and my family attended, and upon arrival Charlotte held on to our youngest child for almost the length of the party while Ken entertained the oldest child. Ruth was very happy to see her parents so excited and enjoying the children. 

You can tell a lot about a person from the foundation from which they come. It is very evident that Ruth had a great example to follow in life. I have to say that she has done just that during the time I have known and worked with her. Now as she has retired and is spending as much time as possible with her grandchildren, she is continuing to pass on the example that her parents gave to her.

Congratulations, Ruth! Thank you for your service and example to all of us!