Faith Engagement: Benjamin Panigot

   Employee Awards 2022 | Posted on March 4, 2022

View the recorded presentation here.

Lori Adler, Ben Panigot’s long-time colleague, says it well:

Ben has always lived a life of service to others. When he was a teenager, he decided to be a camp counselor at the PMC F.L.A.G (Fun Learning About God) Camp, helping to influence, shape and guide the youth, including my son. Later, he chose to become a firefighter, willingly putting his life at risk for others. During his academy and college days, he worked with the Undergraduate Admissions office as a campus tour guide, helping to influence others to attend this beautiful university and sharing his love for Andrews and what it represented.

He started at Campus Safety as a student foot patrol officer, walking the campus at night, ensuring the safety and security of our students, staff and faculty. Throughout his career with Campus Safety, he has risen through the ranks from a foot patrol officer to patrol officer, to field training officer, to fire inspector/compliance lieutenant, to captain/assistant director, to director, and now as assistant vice president.

In every aspect of his career, Ben has selflessly given of himself to serve others, putting others first and treating every person with respect, compassion and kindness.”

Frank Lei-Sam, assistant director of Campus Safety, says, “I have had the privilege of working with Ben for the past 12 years. Ben has always been a true servant by putting others first ... sometimes to the point where he must be reminded to take care of himself. Ben will put aside whatever he is doing to help anyone in need.”

Andrews student Ashok Willmott agrees: “Ben Panigot is an incredibly kind, understanding and sharp individual. In the interactions we have had, he has a gentle presence around him as well as using good humor to maintain a positive spirit.”

Ben Panigot has, in real time and tangible ways, embodied the love of God. As he navigated our institutional covid-response, supported individuals through delicate moments, and took time to engage with a diversity of situations he exercised virtues that are a blessing to our campus: patience, faithfulness and goodness. We are in a better place and a stronger community because he is here. Thank you, Ben, and congratulations on receiving this award!