35 Years of Service: Loretta Nave

   Employee Awards 2022 | Posted on March 4, 2022

Loretta Nave is celebrating 35 years of service to Andrews University today. She has seen many things happen on campus and in the Financial Administration office. She has been the executive assistant for three vice presidents for Financial Administration and four associate vice presidents for Financial Administration. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Loretta for the past 17 years in both afore-mentioned roles. Recently she has taken more responsibility in risk management. Loretta makes sure our office is kept in order and that I get to all my appointments on time. She keeps us on task with whatever project needs to be completed and will keep reminding us if we haven’t completed an assigned item in the allotted time frame.

I first met Loretta seven years before coming to work at Andrews University, so I have known her for a few years. Over all this time she and I have become good friends. I have enjoyed attending Super Bowl parties at her house, competing against her in chili cookoffs and other such events. She has always been a tremendous host and fun to interact with.

Another area where Loretta excels is in planning parties for our office. This includes various retirement parties, special recognition events and Christmas parties. Each time these events come off as a smashing success and everyone always leaves very happy and looks forward to the next event. There is a lot of work that goes into these events, and she is not bashful about asking for my help throughout the process. She has developed a group of helpers that all work well together and know just what to do.

Loretta has excelled whenever she is asked to take on a new project or area. As her job expanded and she became more involved in risk management she has proven to be very capable in this area. She keeps me aware of items that need my attention and follows through to the respective parties with responses. 

Loretta, thank you so much for all you do Andrews University and for our office. It is very meaningful to me as we continue to work together. Congratulations!