35 Years of Service: Mari Aker

   Employee Awards 2022 | Posted on March 4, 2022

It is difficult to talk about University Apartments without mentioning Mari Aker. She has worked as an administrative assistant for 35 years. Mari has survived four iterations of our department name as well as four department directors. At 35 years, she is the longest-serving employee at our department.

She has been an exemplary employee whose work is recognized by her colleagues. Her meticulous attention to process improvement ensures that our policies and procedures are clear and transparent to all. 

To her colleagues, Mari is known to follow through with tasks and ensure that commitments to our residents are carried out. She is cherished as a friendly and accepting individual who takes personal interest in them.

“Mary consistently puts others first and follows through whenever a request comes to our office and these traits of hers positively reflect on the department and University. She is a staunch advocate for residents who will vouch for them to other University departments.”

“Due to the often-delicate nature of finances, Mari acutely understands the need to employ discretion and discernment when dealing with residents and she is a master at navigating tough conversations with empathy.”

“Because of Mari’s expert knowledge of the entire operations of University Apartments, she is a key person that other University departments rely on, and she constantly looks for ways to collaborate with them to promote excellent service to our residents.”  

Residents with children enjoy coming to the office because they know that Mari will always interact with their children and take interest in them. She often offers children a balloon or a toy to keep them busy while she helps their parents renew their lease or to clarify department policies. Long after residents graduate and move on, many keep in touch with her, often sharing photos of their children and personal updates. Now, after 35 years at University Apartments, Mari recalls working with parents of some of our current residents! 

It has been our joy at University Apartments to work side-by-side with Mari all these years and we are grateful that she continues to choose being a part of our team. We join Andrews University in celebrating Mari’s 35 years of service.