30 Years of Service: Stephen Zork

   Employee Awards 2022 | Posted on March 4, 2022

Stephen Zork exudes musicality and generous musicianship, and the results are evident in the many high caliber choral performances he conducts each year, performances that feature a wide diversity of musical styles all the way from the Renaissance to the most recently created vocal compositions. The breadth of his impact as a choral pedagogue is immense, from his mentorship and training of choral conductors who have led the Deliverance Mass Choir and Journey on campus, to the many choral conductors who now lead ensembles throughout the country and the world. Other choral conductors who were not directly students of his but who encountered him even briefly early in their careers openly share their admiration for him and speak highly of his positive influence. His current students regularly seek his instruction and mentorship beyond the minimum requirements for their degree program, and they speak of him with affection, good humor and respect.

A colleague expressed gratitude to Stephen “for your dedication to excellence with the university choirs. The music you help them create is a testament to your commitment, but even more meaningful is how much the students love and respect you. Among our faculty, you contribute wisdom in the ways you encourage us and are recognized as a strong mentor to the many ‘world changers’ we have graduated over the years. We do notice how you and Susan, as a team, go the extra mile to create a greater sense of family within the Department of Music. Together, you and Susan regularly remind us how fun music can be, and we are thankful for this.”

Another shared, “Stephen Zork has been a pillar in the Department of Music now for 30 years. I appreciate the passion he has brought to the choral area and respect his voice in the department. He has a thriving graduate choral conducting program. Students eagerly sign up for choir even if it is not their major ensemble to learn from Mr. Zork’s vast experience.  I hear students talking about his genius and affectionately discussing ‘Zork-isms’ as related to the music they are studying. His impact is enormous, and he has helped shape the careers of many of our graduates.”

Thank you, Stephen, for your dedicated contribution to music at Andrews University for 30 years.