"In Passing," Season 2

   Campus Announcements | Posted on May 9, 2023

"In Passing" is a place for authentic conversations with people you would normally pass by on the sidewalk. Take a moment and hear the stories of students, speakers and staff members of Andrews University. "In Passing" is sponsored by the Center for Faith Engagement.


Ep 1: Under New Management

We're back! We're so excited to start season 2 with our new hosts, Angel Pereira and Arleny Aquino, and executive producer Isaí Ramírez! We introduce our new hosts to you by having them get interviewed by their best friends! Be sure to subscribe and tune in every two weeks for a new episode. You won't want to pass this up!

Ep 2: Between De Leon

On this episode, we put guest Zac De Leon on the hot seat as he shares with us vulnerable stories from his life, what he really thinks about seminarians and more.

Ep 3: Home Is Where the Love Is

In this episode, Nehemiah Sitler shares how love is what makes communities and takes us on a journey through his life and how each community impacted every significant moment—ultimately inspiring him during some of the hardest times, creating some of the fondest memories.

Ep 4: Social Emotional Development

In this episode, Jeff McCoy shares how much he values his Benton Harbor community. He tells us about his new business that's focused on community development and how passionate he is about being an agent for improvement to happen for his community and other communities.

Ep 5: Community That Transcends

In this episode, we have something a little different. Jonathan Leonardo, Andrews University alum and current pastor in Hawaii, was on campus to speak for Week of Revival, so Mikey and Isaí sat down with him to talk about community in the Spirit, how that transcends affinities and how his view of community has changed over the years.

(We apologize for the slightly bad audio. We had technical difficulties. The quality of the content remained intact and is definitely worth your listen!)

Ep 6: Growth in the Grey Area

Happy New Year! We're back for the semester! Listen in as we'll be transitioning to releasing on Mondays. For our first episode back, Angel and Arleny catch up, discuss our new topic for this semester, and Arleny shares some sad news with us. Stay tuned for some great conversations!

Ep 7: Better Together

VP Michael Nixon joins us to share how he has faced difficult transitions in life. He shares the value of leaning into your community as well as the value of solitude. He speaks to us from an honest and raw place and gives valuable resources. You don't want to pass this one!

Ep 8: The Boys

We got to sit down with the boys! Zyon, Abiah, Zane and Ben have been friends since freshman year! They shared what they've learned about friendship, the value of caring and cracked jokes with us! 

Ep 9: Jayssie Lost Her Phone

We find out in this episode that Jayssie is basically a digital monk! She also tells us about her transition when she joined the Andrews community and her journey into faith! 

Ep 10: NilahGPT

Nilah joins us to share her love of traveling, working at El Pollo Loco, and how she has used AI to help her stay on top of her health goals! Also, be sure to check out her non-profit organization Phoenicia Finesse.

Ep 11: Be Good

Tyler Weatherford shares his career path, how he ended up coming to Andrews and his experience as a Buddhist on campus, and Angel says a questionable word. 

Ep 12: Joey Libre

Our good friend Joey Barajas joins us to have a silly and vulnerable conversation. He tells us about his love for his family and how his spiritual life has been challenged by being here!

Ep 13: Emotionally Healthy Jordan

Jordan Anderson wears multiple hats as New Life worship pastor, DMC director and an RA in Lamson. She shares her journey of slowing down and gives us insights into what has helped her become emotionally healthy.

Ep 14: Morgan Questions Everything

Morgan Williams shares her path toward questioning what she believes, reinforcing what she is confident she believes and becoming her true self. We hope her story inspires you to question your beliefs and strengthen your identity and faith. Overall, we hope you choose to be kind!

Ep 15: Motivated Moriah

Moriah shares with us how motivation hasn't always led to discipline for her and how she balances the expectations she has on herself to keep moving forward and managing her time well. We're sure you'll relate to her so you won't want to pass this up!

Ep 16: Max’s Seasons

Max Dronen joins us with his emotional support, Timmy Duado, to discuss lessons he has learned while at Andrews and what he hopes Andrews will become.

Ep 17: Goodbye Angel

We wrap up our season, say goodbye to Angel and introduce our new host! Thanks for listening along this season. Be sure to stay tuned for our next season next semester!

   Jeff Boyd