Andrews Ranks as Best Private College in Michigan

   Andrews in the News | Posted on April 4, 2024

Stacker compiled a list of the best private colleges in Michigan, using data from Niche released in 2024. Niche ranks schools based on a variety of factors including academics, value for money, professors, campus, and diversity.

Private and public schools play important roles in the postsecondary landscape, offering top-tier education and valuable opportunities outside the classroom. But some characteristics of private institutions—namely size, reputation, and flexibility—make them more appealing to prospective students.

Private colleges, which tend to be more selective, generally offer smaller class sizes and, by extension, more direct instruction and support. Large lectures with around 100 students are more of an exception at private schools when compared to public colleges. Private colleges may also attract more distinguished faculty based on prestige.

#1. Andrews University

- Location: Berrien Springs, MI

- Acceptance rate: 82%

- Net price: $23,719

- SAT range: 1050-1300

- Niche grade:  A-

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