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Share Your Andrews Heart

   Heart: Feedback | Posted on January 30, 2018

Thank you for being a part of developing our Heart values. To participate, please comment below, or send comments privately to


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Charles Reid Releases Recording

   Publications and Presentations | Posted on January 25, 2018

Charles Reid, associate professor of Voice, has released a recording of Alexander von Zemlinsky's "A Florentine Tragedy." The recording features the ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Desmond Murray Co-Edits Book

   Publications and Presentations | Posted on January 25, 2018
Desmond Murray, associate professor of Chemistry, is a co-editor of The Power and Promise of Early Research, which has now been published in hard copy by the Oxford University Press. The book draws on Dr. Murray's rich history... read more

Business Professor Publishes Ebook

   Publications and Presentations | Posted on September 1, 2017
The School of Business Administration is pleased to report that the 2nd edition (2017) of Ben Maguad's e-book, “Managing for Quality in Higher Education: A Systems Perspective,” has just been published. Maguad is professor of management in the... read more

Librarians Present at International Conference

   Publications and Presentations | Posted on July 18, 2017
A contingent of librarians from Andrews University recently attended the 37th annual conference of the Association of Seventh-day Adventist Librarians, held June 25-29 at Newbold College, Bracknell, UK. The conference proceedings were led by ASDAL President Terry Robertson... read more

Business Professor Publishes Article

   Publications and Presentations | Posted on June 28, 2017
Ben Maguad, professor of management in the School of Business Administration, recently published an article, “Managing for Quality in Higher Education: A Biblical Perspective,” in the 40th volume of the Institute for Christian Teaching's “Christ in the Classroom” series.... read more

The Power & Promise of Early Research

   Andrews in the News | Posted on January 3, 2017
The late great American hero John Glenn once said, "The most important thing we can do is inspire young minds." Imagine if our 21 million American high school students were inspired and immersed in at least one year... read more

Professor's Book Wins IVP Readers' Choice Award

   Publications and Presentations | Posted on December 15, 2016
John C. Peckham's book, The Love of God: A Canonical Model (IVP Academic, 2015) has been voted a 2015 IVP Reader's Choice Award Winner ( In The Love of God, John Peckham, Associate Professor of... read more