Research & Creative Scholarship

Office of Research Relocates to Buller Hall

   Research & Creative Scholarship | Posted on July 25, 2017
As of July 19, 2017, the Office of Research & Creative Scholarship has relocated from the Administration Building to Buller Hall Room 234, which is adjacent to the Behavioral Sciences Research Center. Gary Burdick,... read more

Border Wars

   Campus News | Posted on April 5, 2017
The 2017 Summit on Social Consciousness will focus on refugees and immigrants. From April 6–8, Andrews will host its annual summit sponsored by the Office of Research & Creative Scholarship, the Department of Leadership and the Office of... read more

2017 Social Consciousness Summit

   Research & Creative Scholarship | Posted on April 3, 2017
   Event Date: April 8, 2017 04:00 pm  - more past dates
The sixth annual Social Consciousness Summit will focus on refugees and immigration. Schedule: Thursday (Apr 6): Being a Muslim at Andrews (6:00-7:30pm). A panel with three... read more

A Rock in the Stream

   Research & Creative Scholarship | Posted on March 10, 2017
This week, Jay Johnson, professor of engineering at Andrews University, received word that two grant proposals for research on which he is co-investigator have been selected by NASA. The two grants together total nearly $1.5 million and will... read more

AU Teaching & Learning Conference

   Research & Creative Scholarship | Posted on March 8, 2017
   Event Date: March 30, 2017 08:30 am
On March 30th, 2017 the Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Department at Andrews University will host its 15th annual conference. This year’s conference theme is Woolly Teaching or Wholly Teaching? Interrogating the Tried, the Tired, and the True. The keynote speaker... read more


   Research & Creative Scholarship | Posted on February 3, 2017
Greetings! We are conducting interviews as part of a research study to increase our understanding of the life experiences of black women during the pursuit of their PhD.  As a black woman with her... read more

Diversity in Psychology & Art

   Research & Creative Scholarship | Posted on November 30, 2016
Andrews University is classified as a Doctoral University: Moderate Research Activity (Carnegie Classification). This means that Andrews offers unparalleled opportunities for our students to study and learn in ways that consistently expand beyond specific classroom and laboratory assignments.... read more

A Question of Origin

   Andrews in the News | Posted on November 3, 2016
“Beyond the CreationWar” is the titles for the annual Andrews Autumn Conference on Religion and Science on Friday and Saturday at Andrews University, the university announced. The event will feature two prominent Christian scientists, Darrel Falk of... read more