Career Options

According to the sixth edition of Jobs Rated Almanac, the nation's single best job in terms of low stress, high compensation, autonomy, hiring demand, and security is that of a biologist. Biologists are in especially high demand and are receiving greater respect and pay from their employers due to factors such as the completion of the human genome project, genetic engineering, concerns over bioterrorism, and heightened interest in environmental quality and the loss of biodiversity.

It follows, then, that you'll have plenty of career options as a graduate of Andrews Biology. About half our graduates move on to medical school and become physicians. As a physician, you could specialize in one of many specialties such as family practice, internal medicine, preventive medicine, cardiology, pediatrics, emergency medicine, surgery, oncology, internal medicine . . . well you get the idea. Some students opt for other paramedical areas such as dentistry or optometry, veterinary medicine, or even perfusion technology.

Other students elect to continue their studies in biology in graduate school at the masters or doctoral level. These students typically enjoy careers in science research and/or university level teaching. However, they're also well qualified for positions in industry or government doing things like tissue typing, biotechnology, energy production, research and development, environmental management, or quality control.