Programs and Courses

Our department offers two programs of study:

Bachelor of Science in Biology

This is the perfect program to prepare you for medical school, dental school, or other graduate program of your choice. All the required pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, or pre-veterinary medicine courses are easily included in this program. A wide variety of additional courses are available as well. You will be required to choose one of three emphases to help you focus your studies in a particular area of interest:

  • Biological Science - A broad preparation if you are interested in the full spectrum of biological diversity

  • Biomedical - A strong preparation for medical school

  • Neuroscience - An in-depth look at behavioral neuroscience with a strength in biology

Summer courses are offered through the Rosario Beach Marine Station in partnership with Walla Walla University. Students can register for these courses through Andrews University to obtain Andrews credits.

Master of Science in Biology

The Master of Science in Biology is an advanced degree that will prepare you to pursue a more advanced degree, such as a PhD, work as a research associate in a biology-related field, or teach at the secondary level with a deeper understanding of research and the field of biology.

This program will allow you to delve deeply into a field of biological research that is of interest, while remaining a part of a multicultural Christian community that values the intersection of science and faith.


Also offered through our department are:

Minor in Biology

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

With a master of arts in teaching, the student is prepared to teach biology in secondary schools. This degree is offered through the School of Education. A minor or its equivalent in biology on the undergraduate level is a prerequisite.