Biology is the study of life. In the classroom we learn what is already known, how it became known, and why it is relevant to us and our career path. But real biology is practiced rather than learned. This is why almost all of our biology courses at Andrews are accompanied by a lab in which the student can apply the things he or she has learned to real discovery. And this is why we actively encourage each student to get involved in research and discover something new outside of the classroom and in the real biological world.

Each of our faculty is actively engaged in biological discovery. The specialties of biology that are represented here are wide-ranging, encompassing everything from molecular biology to physiology and ecology. There is something for everyone to get involved in!

Included below are some representative student projects from the past few years. Many of our students have presented their work at meetings and have been coauthors on publications.

If you are interested in research, complete the Undergraduate Research Application. This application form describes the opportunities and expectations of research and is the first step to getting involved in biological research here at Andrews University.

Molecular and Cellular Biology

Peter Lyons, cellular and molecular biology
Structure and function of metallocarboxypeptidases and implications in human disease

Ritchie Saint Jean, 2021, "Investigating the function of Carboxypeptidase O gene paralogs in Xenopus tropicalis"

Erika Bauza Nowotny, 2020, “Analysis of CPO expression and association with chylomicrons and lipid droplets”

Marlene Murray, molecular biology
Effects of omega-3-fatty acids on the phosphoinositol biosynthetic pathway

Hailey Kim, 2021, "The Effect of a Novel Hybrid Drug on the Inositol Signaling System in the Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae"

Haley Kang, 2020, “The Effects of Docosahexaenoic Acid on INM1 Gene Expression”


Denise Smith, cancer biology
The role of the oncogene Her2/Neu (erbb2) in breast cancer

Bernadette Flores, 2020, "Evaluation of Anticancer Activity of Heterocyclic Arylidenes on the U87MG (Brain) Cancer Cell Line"

Jangwon Seo, 2020, "Effectiveness of Novel Heterocyclic Aurone Drugs in the Treatment of Glioblastoma"

Brian Wong, cancer chemoprevention and phytotherapy
Using Chinese medicinal herbs to modulate apoptosis and survival of cancer cells

Nathaly Manrique, 2021, "Modulation of Apoptosis in Breast Cancer Cells MDA-MB-157, 93A, and 93B by Aqueous Extract of Chinese Medicinal herb Scutellaria barbata"

Kristin Ferrer et al, 2021, "Modulation of apoptosis in glioblastoma U87-MG cancer cells by aqueous extract of Bryophyllum pinnatum"

Robert Zdor, soil microbiology
Rhizobacteria as possible agents for biological weed control

DahEun Harning, 2019, "Exploring soil texture effects on mustard seed meal suppression of the weed velvetleaf"

Warit Chirechevin, 2017, "Soil sand content, but not soil myrosinase enzyme activity, affects MSM efficacy in suppressing weed growth"


David Mbungu, neurobiology and entomology
Modulation of insect phonotactic behavior by second messenger cascades




Benjamin Navia, neurobiology
Neurophysiology of insect phonotactic behavior

Janelle An, 2021, "Evaluation of Phonotactic Behavior in Male-exposed Female Acheta domesticus"

Brandon Shin, 2020, "Correlating Neural and Behavioral Responses in an Insect Model



Shandelle Henson and James Hayward, behavioral ecology 
Mathematical modeling of vertebrate behavioral ecology

Yosia Nurhan, 2021, "The Effect of Synchronous Egg-laying on Gull Population Dynamics While Tracking the Egg-laying Order"

Isabelle Hwang, 2018, “Effects of Eggshell Coloration on Egg Cannibalism Among Glaucous-Winged Gulls”

Daniel Gonzalez-Socoloske, vertebrate ecology and conservation biology
Ecology and conservation biology of West Indian manatees and other Central American mammals

Nina Woodard, 2020, "Are Florida Manatees (Trichechus Manatus Latirostris) Wearing Their Teeth Beyond Functionality? Interspecific and Intraspecific Mesowear in Manatees"

Juliane Johnson, 2020, "Modeling Morphometrics of West Indian Manatees (Trichechus Manatus) to Estimate Body Mass"

Tom Goodwin, paleobiology
Biology and paleobiology of ground squirrels and other mammals

Emma Tennyson, 2021, "Enamel Corrosion Levels on Squirrel Teeth from the Fox Canyon Locality, Pliocene of Kansas"

Amanda Cho, 2021, “Comparison of Enamel Microstructure of Ictidomys Tridecemlineatus Formed During Hibernation Versus the Active Season”