Benjamin Navia

Benjamin Navia

Benjamin Navia

Title: Professor
Office Location: Price Hall 318
Phone: (269) 471-6527


BS General Science, Catholic University of Puerto Rico
MS Biology, Andrews University
PhD Biology, Loma Linda University


A native of Chile, Benjamin Navia received his Ph. D. from Loma Linda University and joined the Faculty at Andrews University in 2013. Dr. Navia teaches Neurobiology, Foundations of Biology as well as Anatomy and Physiology. Prior to coming to Andrews, Dr. Navia taught at Kettering College in Ohio.

Current Research or Professional Activities

I study the neural basis of auditory behavior in crickets. Auditory communication is essential to the survival of a number of organisms. For example, female crickets exhibit phonotaxis, which is the ability to locate and approach the source of a sound, in order to find the male producing a song.  Such behavior which includes recognition and localization are controlled by specific underlying neuronal mechanisms.  My research focuses on understanding  what those neuronal mechanisms are and how they work.