Benjamin Navia: Publications

Refereed Papers

  1. Stout J, Navia B, Jeffery J, Samuel L, Hartwig L, Butlin A, Chung M, Wilson J, Dashner E, Atkins G (2010) Plasticity of the phonotactic selectiveness of four species of chirping crickets (Gryllidae): Implications for call recognition. Physiological Entomology 35:99-116
  2. Atkins G, Kilmer J, Scalfani M, Navia, B, Stout J (2008) Modulation of syllable period-selective phonotaxisby prothoracic neurones in crickets (Acheta domesticus): juvenile hormone, picrotoxin and photoinactivation of the ON1 neurones. Physiological Entomology 33:322–333
  3. Jeffery J, Navia B, Atkins G, Stout J (2005) Selective processing of calling songs by auditory interneurons in the female cricket, Gryllus pennsylvanicus: Possible roles in behavior. J Exp Zool 303A:377-392
  4. Navia B, Stout J, Atkins G (2003) The prolonged response to calling songs by the L3 auditory interneuron in female crickets (Acheta domesticus): Intracellular evaluation. J Exp Zool 296A