Gordon Atkins

Gordon Atkins

Gordon Atkins

Title: Adjunct Professor
E-mail: atkins@andrews.edu


BS Biology, Andrews University
MS Biology, Andrews University
PhD Biology, McGill University


Andrews alumnus Gordon Atkins has taught Foundations of Biology, Ornithology, Neurobiology, and Animal Behavior.  Atkins completed his Ph.D. in biology at McGill University in 1987.  He then returned to Andrews as a postdoctoral fellow in Stout's laboratory, a position he held until joining the faculty.  

Current Research or Professional Activities

My major interest is in neurethology of auditory communication. This includes studying the neural basis of auditory behavior in the cricket.

Why crickets? They have a relatively simple nervous system but are able to do rather complex behaviors such as recognition and localization. I am also a birder and am involved in several citzens research projects in ornithology.