Brian Wong

Brian Wong

Brian Wong

Title: Professor
Office Location: Price Hall 221
Phone: (269) 471-3240


BA Religion, Loma Linda University
MA Biology, Loma Linda University
MA Education Administration and Leadership, Loma Linda University
PhD Biology, Loma Linda University


Whether it be teaching general biology, anatomy and physiology, or microbiology in the classroom, working with students in the laboratory on cancer prevention research, or advising premed and predent students, Dr. Wong sees all as a platform to share the love of biology and the Designer. Dr. Wong has taught for over 20 years in Hong Kong, Trinidad and Tobago, Macau, and here in the United States. 

Current Research or Professional Activities

Dr. Wong studies the anticancer mechanisms of various phytochemicals from Chinese medicinal herbs. His recent research focus has been on the modulation of apoptosis and cell survival in murine (in vitro & in vivo) and human prostate and breast cancer cells by Scutellaria barbata and Oldenlandia diffusa. He has demonstrated that these two Chinese herbs contain phytochemicals that inhibit mutagenesis, DNA binding, and the metabolism of the pro-carcinogens aflatoxin B1 (a common potent fungal hepatic carcinogen) and benzo(a)pyrene (a common air carcinogen from fossil fuel combustion and charcoal-broiled food). The continue interest of Dr. Wong’s lab is to reveal the phytotherapy potential of these and other Chinese herbs. Dr. Wong has collaborated with professional cancer researchers from the USA, China, and Hong Kong, and his undergraduate students have presented their findings in local and national cancer meetings including the meetings of the American Association for Cancer Research and the American Institute of Cancer Research.