David Mbungu

David Mbungu

David Mbungu

Title: Associate Professor
Office Location: Price Hall 208
E-mail: mbungu@andrews.edu
Phone: (269) 471-6399


BS Biology, Andrews University (UEAB campus)
MS Biology, Andrews University
PhD Entomology, University of California Riverside


My adventures in biology began during my second year of high school in Kenya, the country of my birth.  A new teacher had just joined the staff and was assigned to teaching biology to my class.  At the time, I really did not have any particular academic or career goals and I was floating with the crowd.  As providence would have it, the new teacher offered to personally mentor me in Biology.  Although he did not stay long--he left after one year--he had infected me with enthusiasm that would shape the rest of my career as a biologist.  Many more exceptional biology teachers and friends have blessed me. I am constantly reminded that mentoring others in a Christ-like manner, which is the crux of our calling, takes place in an environment of genuine care and friendship.

Current Research or Professional Activities

My Ph.D. in Entomology is from the University of California, Riverside working on the modulation of synaptic transmission in insects by peptides and amines.

After completing postdoctoral training on the expression of genes from the insect nervous system in the eggs of Xenopus laevis, I moved to Andrews and joined the cricket neurobiology team for almost one year after which I accepted a call to teach Biology at the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton in Kenya.

Since returning to the Biology Department at Andrews I have continued with studies on the neural and hormonal regulation of phonotaxis in crickets in addition to teaching Anatomy and Physiology, Entomology, Neurobiology, Cell and Molecular Biology, and Neuropyschopharmacology.