David Mbungu: Publications

Refereed Papers

  1. Stout, J., Kim, P., Mbungu, D., Bronsert, M., Slikkers, S., Maier, J., Kim, D., Bacchus, K. and G. Atkins (1998).  Regulation of the phonotactic threshold of the Female Cricket Acheta domesticus:  Juvenile Hormone III, Allatectomy, L1 Auditory Neuron Thresholds and Environmental Factors.  J. Comp. Physiol. 182:635-645.
  2. Stiedl, O.,  Stumpner, A., Mbungu, D., Atkins, G., and J. Stout (1997).  Morphology and Physiology of Local Auditory Interneurons in the Prothoracic Ganglion of the Cricket Acheta domesticus.  J. Exp. Zool. 279:43-53.
  3. Mbungu, D., Ross, L.S. and S.S. Gill (1995).  Cloning, Functional Expression and Pharmacology of a GABA Transporter from Manduca sexta.  Arch. Biochem. and Biophys.  318: 489-497.