Mission Statement


The Department of Biology provides transformational education in the biological sciences for a diverse student population, set in the context of a Seventh-day Adventist Christian worldview. To achieve this mission we:

  • Seek knowledge and develop skills for life-long learning through rigorous research, teaching, and learning in the biological sciences.
  • Affirm faith, engender integrity, and honor the Creator through personal mentoring, intentional study of life as God’s creation, and the ethical practice of science.
  • Change the world by active service, promoting responsible living as stewards of creation, and preparing students for meaningful careers in church and society.

Student Learning Outcomes

After completing their biology education at Andrews University, our students will be expected to:

  • Demonstrate integrated understanding of biological science
  • Apply scientific methodology to create and assess scientific knowledge
  • Communicate scientific understanding effectively
  • Integrate faith and science in light of personal faith commitments
  • Practice ethics and professionalism in science

Learning Resources

To provide for this transformational education, the Department of Biology will retain and develop:

  • A faculty committed to excellence in mentoring, teaching, research, and service.
  • A curriculum that meets the needs of our students in the modern world.
  • Facilities that provide an excellent environment for teaching and learning.
  • An ethos and co-curriculum that fosters personal relationships, collaboration among faculty and students, personal service, and affirmation of faith.