MS in Biology Forms

Below are several forms that you will need occasionally as a graduate student in biology. For more details on the program and the expected timeline as a student in this program, see MS in Biology Program Timeline and Expectations.

  • If you wish to be employed as a graduate teaching or research assistant, you will need to submit an Application for Biology Graduate Assistantship to the Graduate Program Coordinator.
  • Before your completion of BIOL681, you will need to determine with whom you will perform your thesis research. This will be documented by the submission of the MS in Biology Thesis Advisor Agreement to the Graduate Program Coordinator.
  • Following completion of BIOL682 (and greater than 50% of your coursework; in fact, hopefully all or nearly all of your coursework), you will need to work with the Graduate Program Coordinator to complete the Advancement to Candidacy Form.
  • Prior to each of three meetings with your Thesis Committee, you will complete the first page of the MS in Biology Thesis Committee Form, and then send it electronically to your committee members.