Student Publications

 Manuscripts submitted or in preparation

  • Hayward, J. L., Henson, S. M. Tkachuck, R., Tkachuck, C., Payne, B. G., Johnson, C. K. (In preparation). Predicting numbers of loafing gulls close to Pacific and Atlantic breeding colonies.
  • Henson, S. M., Hayward, J. L., Dennis, B., Galusha, J. G., Cushing, J. M., Foster, L., & Dass, S.  (In preparation). Compartmental models of animal behavior.
  • McWilliams, K. M., Hayward, J. L., Atkins, G. J., & Henson, S. M. (In preparation). Courtship and copulation in Glaucous-winged Gulls, Larus glaucescens.
  • Henson, S. M., Hayward, J. L., Cushing, J. M., Atkins, G. J., Sandler, A. G., & Saint Martin, W. (In preparation). Changing sea surface temperature alters timescale of reproductive synchrony in seabirds.
  • Atkins, G. J., Reichert, A. A., Henson, S. M., & Hayward, J. L. (In preparation). Copulation song synchronizes head-tossing and mounting behaviors in Glaucous-winged Gulls.
  • Sandler, A. G., Megna, L. C., Hayward, J. L., Henson, S. M., & Tkachuck, R. D. (Submitted). Every-other-day clutch-initiation synchrony in ring-billed gulls (Larus delawarensis).


Refereed papers

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