Pi Mu Epsilon

Pi Mu Epsilon, an honorary mathematics fraternity, has a local chapter at Andrews University, chartered in 1970 and called the Michigan Gamma chapter because it was the third chapter to be chartered in Michigan.

The national meeting of Pi Mu Epsilon occurs once a year, usually the first week in August; there students present papers about their research projects. Some years ago, Michele Pezet, who was then an Andrews student, presented a paper at the annual meeting and won a $100 prize. If a person from one of the local chapters, such as the Andrews chapter, wishes to present a paper at a national meeting, Pi Mu Epsilon will pay up to $600 of travel expenses to that meeting. If a person wants to attend the meeting without presenting a paper, Pi Mu Epsilon will pay half of one person's travel expenses, up to a maximum of $300.

The fact that someone is a member of Pi Mu Epsilon is listed in the Commencement program booklet when the student graduates. Membership in Pi Mu Epsilon is also a great addition to a resume.

To be eligible to join Pi Mu Epsilon, students must satisfy either of the following two sets of criteria:

1) Be an undergraduate student with four semesters of college mathematics including calculus, with at least a B average in mathematics courses. The student must also be in the top half of the class in overall GPA.

2) Be a sophomore who is majoring or intends to major in mathematics, who has completed three semesters of mathematics including two semesters of calculus with a straight-A record in all mathematics courses taken. The student must also be in the top quarter of the class in overall GPA.

To join costs $30, and membership is by invitation only. Members receive a certificate of membership, a set of PME honors cords to wear at graduation, and a one-year subscription (two issues) to the Pi Mu Epsilon Journal, which contains articles on mathematical topics generally understandable to undergraduates. Students who wish to continue their subscription beyond the year may renew at that time for $20 for two years.

For more information, visit Pi Mu Epsilon.