Research & Internship Opportunities

The Department of Mathematics at Andrews University strongly encourages each of its majors to participate in undergraduate research. Students have several ways to do this:

1. Work with one of the Andrews professors, either during the school year or during the summer. Talk to your professors about their research, and ask if you can participate.
2. Participate in one of the National Science Foundation summer REU programs.
3. Enjoy a summer internships with one of the national labs, government, or industry.
4. Explore a summer program with another university.

Here is a list of sites to get you started:

National Science Foundation REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) (list of sites) (list of sites)

Summer Internships and REUs (Clemson University) (Texas A&M)

Women and Minorities

Close to Andrews (Grand Valley State) (Notre Dame) (Rose-Hulman)