Bachelor of Social Work Program

Social work is about connecting people.
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School of Social Work
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Welcome to the BSW Program

Why we stand out!

  • We focus on the 11 core competencies that help us to stand out.

  • Our entire program is Trauma-informed.

  • We are guided by a Code of Ethics that enables us to work with diverse groups and populations at risk.

  • We are concerned with populations who face oppression .

  • We support social and economic justice for all people.  

  • Hands-on experience is gained through Field Education, which is an integral component of the program.

Social workers make amazing changes in the world on a daily basis.

Want to find out how we do it? 
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Change the World... Get a BSW!

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree is a professional degree that allows you to:

  • Enter the profession as a generalist social worker.

  • Gain entry into a Master of Social Work (MSW) program

  • Start connecting with a vast netowrk of social workers across the world.

Our program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) through the year 2027.

Top Reasons to Choose the Andrews BSW

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Social Work at Andrews University

 Bachelor of Social Work Program

Make a Difference

Over 640,000 social workers change lives every day. 

Job Security
Hundreds of job options.
Don't be bored or unemployed. 

Growing Profession
Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 13% growth through 2029. 

Our program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education through 2026. 

4 + 1 and Done
Graduate with both BSW & MSW in only 5 years; save $23,000 on MSW costs in the process.

Experience Matters
Our eight faculty teach their classes based on years of real-world experience. 

Class Size Matters
Small class sizes mean you create community with faculty and students, along with plenty of skills practice. 

Real-World Practice
Skills are perfected in 400-hour agency internship 

Chocolate Mondays
Selfcare is taught and encouraged  


High pass rate!

Our rate for professional licensure and job
placements is highly ranked. 



BSW Coordinator

Social Work BSW Program

Desiree Davis, MSW, LMSW, PhD
Bachelor of Social Work Program Director
Phone: 269-471-6875