Human Services Minor

The Human Services minor allows students to choose from a variety of core and elective social work courses.  This track cannot be used for reduced credit entry into the MSW program.  Although students could still be admitted into the Andrews University MSW program, they would be required to complete the full 56-credit requirement for the degree.  Although core social work classes taken at the undergraduate level would not need to be repeated, another elective graduate course must be used to replace that course in the total credit load.

Course Acronym & Title      # Credits
SOWK 100 - Introduction to Social Work (REQUIRED)    3
SOWK 320 - Introduction to Counseling Skills (REQUIRED)  3

Choose 14 credits from the following list of courses:

SOWK 325 - Social Welfare Institutions and Services   3
SOWK 331 - Human Behavior and the Social Environment I   2
SOWK 332 - Human Behavior and the Social Environment II   2
SOWK 350 - Social Policy       3
SOWK 410 - Children and Families at Risk    2
SOWK 424 - Social Gerontology      2
SOWK 437 - International Social Work      2
SOWK 440 - Assessment and Treatment of Victims of Violence   2
SOWK 455 - Treatment of Substance Abuse     2–4
SOWK 460 - Death and Grief in Contemporary Society   2
SOWK 461 - Social Work Research I      2
SOWK 462 - Social Work Research II      2
Total Credits:  20
Minors in social work and human services are NOT accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.  In addition, a minor in Social Work does NOT qualify the student as:
• a professional social worker;
• a member of the professional social work organization;
• eligible for licensure by the State of Michigan or other state license;
• eligible for full Advanced Standing in a graduate school of social work; or,
• Social Work practice in an employment situation.
Students who are accepted into the MSW degree program at Andrews University are eligible to reduce their Master's degree requirements by ten credits.  All courses eligible for course load reduction must have a grade of B- or better or must be retaken at either the Bachelor's or Master's degree level.
SOWK 100 must be completed before taking SOWK320 and SOWK350. SOWK331 must be completed before proceeding to SOWK 332.  SOWK 461 must be completed before proceeding to SOWK462.
Social Work practice courses (SOWK401; SOWK402), Field Placement courses (SOWK420; SOWK435), and Professional Seminar classes (SOWK489) are not available to minors.