W.O.W.—Week of Worship

The goal of W.O.W. is to develop students' understanding and expression of worship in order to better serve their peers, the local church and community. It is a quarterly event of exciting hands-on training, worship experiences and team building. All students are placed in worship bands and coached by qualified personnel.

Each night, W.O.W. is led by one of the worship bands. Students get the opportunity to grow in their specific areas of interest in instrumental lessons, breakout sessions and worship-leading workshops.

There are two days in the seven-day week that the program is taken on the road! On Sunday and Friday, the youth sing in churches, schools and community centers in various towns. This is to enable our students to lead worship in their communities with passion.

For the grand finale, W.O.W. hosts a final concert on the school campus. At the concert, beyond the music, dig into the biblical foundations of worship and what it means to live out worship each day. Devotions, small group conversations and lifelong relationships solidify this focus even above the concert, so that the greatest takeaway is always a spiritual one.

Coordinate with your church's music department to create your own W.O.W. experience.